Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What You'll Need For Your New Puppy

A first time puppy owner will need quite a few things to start off with, and it's best if you've acquired these items before you bring your new pet home.

Must Haves
  • A travel crate, whether you are crate training or not. Some shelters or even breeders insist that you have these before they let you take your newest addition home.
  • Bowls, one for water, one for food. The smaller the puppy, the smaller the bowl. You'll probably need to upgrade in size as your puppy grows.
  • Leash. A six-foot nylon lead is best for training a puppy. There are different widths and strengths available, get the right size for your pup.
  • Adjustable buckle collar. It is best to get one that will fit properly now, but can be enlarged.
  • An average goes through a LOT of collars during the growing stages. Be prepared.
  • Appropriate food. Ask your new vet, or the shelter staff, or read labels carefully. Your new puppy deserves a high quality food to get the best start in life.
  • Have a veterinarian appointment lined up to check your new pup for worms, and any other possible health problems, as well to get his puppy vaccines.
  • Line up some obedience classes like Puppy Kindergarten.

Extra Goodies
  • Toys - Squeaky toys that are rubber seem to be every pup's favourite
  • Bitter Apple Spray - to keep your new puppy from eating your chairs, tables, books, etc
  • Puppy Treats - essential for training, there are literally hundreds of kinds and flavours on the market
  • Training Books - If you need some extra help


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